About Us

Formerly Ontario Fabricare Association (OFA)

Founded in 1949 as the Dry Cleaners & Launderers Institute of Ontario (DCLIO), the CFA is a body of professional dry cleaners dedicated to the improvement of the fabricare industry in Canada through the establishment of good management, ethical conduct, top quality training and proper operating procedures.

We maintain close ties with other organizations such as the Drycleaning and Laundry Institute and the Neighborhood Cleaners Association in the USA, as well as Provincial associations. The combined relationship of these organizations provides an unequaled amount of knowledge and problem solving techniques that would not be readily available on an individual basis.

Our members often find themselves in the forefront of new products and technology. Sharing this knowledge with other members at training seminars and conferences helps secure our position in the community. No longer just a drycleaner, the CFA member of today will be a fabricare specialist capable of handling over one hundred different variations of fibers and fabrics.

Maintaining the customer’s trust and providing top quality service using both solvent and aqueous cleaning methods is our number one priority. Through close co-operation with the Federal and Provincial Governments, our members are all certified environmental cleaners sharing the knowledge and responsibility of what it takes to keep our air and water safe.

In the years to come the need for change will demand more from all of us. The way we do things may not fit tomorrow’s plan. As responsible business people, we will be expected to meet the challenge in an ever-changing climate, to understand the customers needs and to assume an even greater commitment to our environment.

Our association was founded in 1949 to give dry cleaners and launderers in Ontario a united voice in issues that affect their businesses and livelihood. In 2018, the mission and mandate of the organization broadened as we took on the name Canadian Fabricare Association, after many years as the Ontario Fabricare Association. The Association represents its members on the local, provincial and even national level to ensure regulations and laws are based on factual information and fairness to all concerned. CFA holds an annual conference to discuss many topics, and invites member and non-member professionals alike to the conference.

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