You probably have a selection of professional organizations you could join. So, why Canadian Fabricare Association? It's a great question, and we hope the information below will help you determine that you need to be part of CFA.

Why CFA is a good organization for YOU to join

If you are a fabricare professional in Canada, there is no better organization for you to join than CFA. We focus on Canada to help you keep up with regulations that might impact your business. CFA lobbies on your behalf locally, and at the provincial and national level in Canada. The advantage of banding together with others in your profession and in your province is that your voice isn’t just louder, it’s magnified. Together, we are stronger.

CFA’s Objectives

  • To advance the interest of the fabricare industry in Canada.

  • To promote and encourage professionalism and ethical conduct in order to increase the prestige of the industry.

  • To develop closer ties with members of the industry.

  • To provide a forum where all members of the Canadian cleaning industry can discuss and review mutual concerns and issues.

  • To inform, advise, and represent members of the Association in all matters, including legislative, that affect the industry and its constituents.

  • To provide education and training for members and develop appropriate training and certification programs.

  • To work with government, consumer organizations and related associations to encourage good working relationships.

  • To gather, compile and distribute statistics and other information for the benefit of the members and the industry in general.

  • To promote and encourage, through liaison with government and other agencies and associations the establishment of sound policies and practices.

What it means to join CFA

The purpose of the Canadian Fabricare Association is to foster and encourage professionalism, ethical conduct and ongoing development within the fabricare industry in Canada. CFA is a not-for-profit corporation, established to promote the interest of professional cleaners and fabricare specialists in Canada. The association provides representation before legislative bodies and lobbies on behalf of the cleaning industry regarding industry issues and professionalism.

Through regular news releases and technical bulletins, CFA members are able to deal with the public’s concern related to industry issues and government regulations. Through membership in the Canadian Fabricare Association the professional cleaner in Canada has access to services and benefits by a strong, vital and active association working on behalf of the Canadian dry cleaning industry.

The association’s involvement in environmental issues ensures that members are kept aware of both legislative and industry developments.

The interest of the Government and consumer groups in environmental issues has a direct impact on the dry cleaning industry. These demands require a strong an effective association to protect against unwarranted complaints and inappropriate Government action.

CFA is guided by a Board of Directors which governs the association based on policies and programs approved by the membership. An executive committee is responsible for the day to day operation of the association.

Meetings are held regionally and at the annual conference. At each of these meetings members have the opportunity to speak with colleagues, be updated on the latest industry developments and share insights with and learn from fellow professionals.

CFA Member Benefits

  • Your membership enhances our influence. We meet with leaders at the provincial and federal levels on behalf of the industry. Government officials take more notice when we are representing greater numbers of business people.
  • Your CFA membership includes a FREE membership in the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) — that’s a more than $499 value to you. With it comes frequent bulletins, information and access to services.  See link at the top of the page to access DLI’s website.
  • CFA members receive discounts on fabricare industry commercial insurance through Wiesner Insurance and Marsh Canada. For some operators, this completely offsets their CFA dues each year, even without the other benefits. There are also discounts available on office products and other items.
  • CFA members can pick up the phone and receive technical assistance, advice and information by calling us. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll get it for you. You get back to work. (See Contact for info.)
  • CFA members have their business information listed here on this website for consumers to find them. If you have a website, we’ll include the address you provide us, so they can go straight to your site.
  • Proof of Association membership is required by many government and other entities if you bid on contracts.
  • CFA members receive a window decal to post each year, alerting customers to the fact that they take their work seriously.
  • In acknowledgement of the professionalism shown by CFA and its membership, Arthur Keyes of Extox Industries, distributor of solvents and licensed carrier of disposable chemical waste, has offered CFA members a discount of 5% providing that each cleaning plant maintains membership in CFA and maintains its environmental certification.
  •  CFA helped set up the Seneca College certification training that all cleaners must complete every 5 years. By being proactive, we were able to influence the material covered in the course, and make it applicable and practical to those who take the course. For information regarding the regulations and courses, click here.
  •  Preferred pricing on cars and trucks from Policaro Automotive Family in Brampton, ON.  This includes cars and trucks for your company, family and employees.   Details here.
  • FREE LEGAL CONSULTATION.  We are pleased to report that included in your membership dues, MacDonald. Sager, Manis LLP, our corporate lawyers, are prepared to provide our membership with 30 minutes of free legal advice regarding employment law issues, civil/commercial litigation issues, commercial real estate and leasing issues and business contract issue.  After the 30 minutes, they will charge their regular rates.  Christine Jonathan will be the contact person for all employment and litigation inquiries and Jordan Cohen will be the contact for all business issues.  They will refer the member to an appropriate person in the firm depending on the complexity of the matter. Jordan and Christine as well as others from the firm have spoken at OFA conferences and provided our members with much needed information to help them deal with employees and government issues.   CFA will issue membership ID numbers to all membership renewals and provide Christine and Jordan a copy of the membership list for verification.   This benefit is worth hundreds of dollars to each CFA member.
  • Christine Jonathan | T. 416.364.3325 | Macdonald Sager Manis LLP Barristers & Solicitors and Trade-Mark Agents 150 York Street, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3S5 Canada | T. 416.364.1553 | F. 416.364.1453 |
  • Jordan Cohen | T. 416.361.2617 | Macdonald Sager Manis LLP Barristers & Solicitors and Trade-Mark Agents 150 York Street, Suite 800, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3S5 Canada | T. 416.364.1553 | F. 416.364.1453 |
  • Member access to CFA website information.
  • Bi-monthly newsletter advising you of important information regarding regulations and improving your business.
  • Staples discount from the Copy Print division.
  •  Deluxe NEBS is offering OFA members a 15% discount on purchases!  To fully understand this benefit and how to make use of the discount, read:   How Nebs Discount Works.
  • CFA has an annual conference that brings together top-caliber industry experts addressing the topics that interest you most.    
  • CFA is constantly working on acquiring new benefits and upgrading our current benefit program.

Membership Categories

Annual Membership   $500.00 + $65.00 (HST) = $565.00
(Open to all organizations that provide professional cleaning services to the public and/or commercial enterprises (i.e. hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.) in Ontario. Membership provides a range of benefits and right to vote at meetings.)

Special Stand Alone membership   $250.00 + $32.50 (HST) = $282.50
(Open to all organizations that contract out their dry cleaning to retail locations. These depots must stand alone and not be affiliated with a parent company. Membership provides a range of benefits and right to vote at meetings.)

Allied Trade   $500.00 + $65.00 (HST) = $565.00
(Open to all organizations involved in the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services used by professional cleaners. Full range of membership benefits, but no voting privileges.)