Call for entries for CFA Best Practices Awards

The successful CFA winners  will be entered into CINET's 2020 Best Practices Awards. These awards will be presented in Frankfurt, Germany on June 20, 2020.

The closing date for receiving submissions would be August 31, 2019. The Best Practices Award will be selected from the submissions received and the winner(s) will be selected to be entered in the International Best Practices Awards in Frankfurt, Germany in June 2020. The contest is open to retail and commercial textile cleaning companies. The winner(s) will be compensated for travel and hotel for the event (subject to CINET rules). All submissions will be recognized at the annual Canadian Fabricare Association Conference being held at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale Hotel on Saturday, October 5, 2019.   Information on the conference can be viewed at our website or byemailing the Executive Director of CFA and on the CINET website

Please send all submissions to the Executive Director of the Canadian Fabricare Association. The inclusion of pictures, video and audio would be of great value to the presentation. For more information regarding the Best Practices Awards, contact Sidney Chelsky, Executive Director of CFA.

Here are the criteria that we use for the Global Best Practices Awards Program.

  1. Quality: Skills and knowledge are important to maintain professional textile care quality. A continuous quality that meets customers’ expectations is of the utmost importance. Training & education and labour policy are the basic of quality. Certification, if available, can enhance the quality approval of a professional textile care company.
  2. Sustainability: Implementation of best practices is the key for safe & sustainable processing. Using modern equipment, operation, optimal working methodologies enhance safe and sustainable professional textile cleaning and/or laundering.
  3. Business model & Service concept: Meeting customers’ demands of specific markets requires a clear business model for textile cleaning & textile service companies to offer the best value proposition. The right services, contributing to the ease and convenience of customers / end-users and fitting into the chosen business model is therefore important. Marketing is required to communicate the key message of textile cleaning / textile services.
  4. Innovation: The world is changing and so is the market demand, therefore innovations are important to cope with changing customer demands on quality and services, legislation and environmental requirements. What are the innovations of the textile cleaning / textile service company?
  5. Key-note: Own presentations, explanation, visualization and substantiating why the company should win the award.

Download CFA Best Practices Submission Form