And the winners of the CFA Best Practices Awards are…

The successful CFA winners are listed below and they will be entered into CINET's 2020 Best Practices Awards. These awards will be presented in Frankfurt, Germany on June 20, 2020.

Submissions for the Best Practices Awards

We received submissions from the  following companies for the Best Practices Award:

Premier Cleaners in Ottawa
Fishman’s Cleaners in Calgary, Alberta
Trillium TLC in Toronto
Gibson’s Cleaners in Toronto
North Park Cleaners in Vaughan
TSC Wet Cleaning in Mississauga
Parklane Cleaners of Toronto

Representatives of these companies came forward to receive a Certificate of Participation for their submissions.

And now the winners:

Innovation Award – Fishman’s Cleaners (Calgary)


Sustainability Award – TSC Wetclean (Mississauga)


Overall Best Practices Award – Gibson’s Cleaners (Toronto)

As winner of the Canadian Best Practices Award for 2019, they will receive travel and accommodation to attend the CINET International Best Practices Awards in Frankfurt, Germany next year.