Our industry depends on a strong association to represent their concerns to government and insure that the industry portrays a good image to the public. 2018 was a year of strong growth and we conducted a very good conference and symposium for our membership and the industry.

We are planning a two-day conference in October, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Hotel (Yorkdale) in Toronto.

Only CFA Allied Trades members who are members from the beginning of 2019 will be able to provide Table Top displays at the conference. We will be providing more information about the conference as it is available.

The following companies and individuals have indicated their sponsorship of the upcoming conference in October:
SPOT Business Systems – Cocktail Party on Friday
Sparkle Solutions (Bruce Miller) – Speakers Gifts & Breakfast on Saturday
Fabricare Cleaning Centers (Clark McDaniel) – Luncheon on Saturday
GreenEarth Cleaning Canada (Robert Kuenzlen) – Coffee Breaks (2)
Willms & Shier Environmental Lawyers (Jacquelyn Stevens) - Co-Sponsor Saturday night cocktail hour
Harco Company - Co-Sponsor Saturday night cocktail hour

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