The Canadian Fabricare Association which represents textile care professionals across Canada thank the government for recognizing their contribution as an essential service. Our members provide cleaning and laundry services to Police, Fire, EMS, Department of Defence, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Seniors, the public at large.


It is important for all to continuously keep their clothes and bed linens clean. If they unwarily come in contact with someone who may have the symptoms of the virus, those germs can spread to their clothes and last for days. You should be aware that we have done everything in our power to provide a safe and healthy space for our customers, if they choose to bring their cleaning to our locations. As well, you should be aware of our offer to pick up and deliver to them as well.


Our members management and staff are on the front lines and are dedicated to help keep the public healthy. To find a member, click here.


Our mission is to foster and encourage professionalism, ethical conduct and ongoing development within the fabricare industry in Canada.

About CFA

Our industry depends on a strong association to represent their concerns to government and insure that the industry portrays a good image to the public. 2017 was a year of strong growth and we conducted a very good conference and symposium for our membership and the industry.  

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CFA Membership

You probably have a selection of professional organizations you could join. So, why Canadian Fabricare Association? It's a great question, and we hope the information below will help you determine that you need to be part of CFA.  

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Helpful Consumer Information

Your clothes are special. They are an investment, and also an extension of your personality and the image you choose to project. So, it's important to care for them properly.

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